i. Fatal archer shoots it’s golden rays,
wakes a woman from her pavestone pillow.

ii. Parakeets cry Mary,
blessed mother are you with child again?
What will he be this time,
A king or a crook?
They scream and shit their meaning to the Thames.

iii. On a ferry deck a child cries.
She doesn’t want to be a boy
when she grows up. Her father ruffles
her crew cut.

iv. The bang of a gang-plank shatters
the moment the bells start ringing.

v. Across the city alarms are blaring,
coffee hissing hot on cold white porcelain.

vi. The flick of a lighter, a puff of smoke, the screech of a railway spoke.

vii. The rats return to their subterranean city,
hauling with them all the secrets of the night
and any food they find left on the platform.

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